Gerard MarkerinkSelf-doing is something all of us have in our genes. Not wise. It is a 3000 year old saying: ”A wise man listens to advice”(Proverbs 12:15). A third party person is able to hear different thoughts from the buyer or the seller especially when hurdles show up during the merger process. These thoughts can be upgraded to new dimensions for a powerful merger.

The ingredients business is global. This means it has to deal with different worlds and culture gaps. AM Support as your intermediary:

  • Offers anonymity, thus preventing you from having to go begging all over the world and playing your hand too quickly
  • Gets you the right target company
  • Bridges cultures
  • Builds trust between the two parties


We can show you several examples where cultural clashes appeared and merger processes in the final stage collapsed only because of poisoned communication circles. Emotion and communication were not separated and ended up in too direct confrontation. This could have been avoided if an intermediary would be involved. AM Support is available to play this role. The ultimate goal is that you will be happy.                                               

Be a wise man and use AM Support as your intermediary


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